June 17, 2011

up on the roof

chan roof

chan roof 2

shirt- h&m
dress- thrifted
bow necklace- anthropologie
boots- blowfish java

i was at a loss as to where i could take some new pictures. as i've said previously, i'm sick of the bookcase, and have been liking all the out-and-about shots i've been accumulating lately.

then i remembered... this is brooklyn. i live in a loft. every self-respecting brooklynite loft dweller has a roof to chill on. and so it be.

chan roof 3

at the time, i didn't know how to flip the tripod down and get vertical shots. that's why they're all horizontal :)

also, i'm not crazy about the contrast of the white roof against the drab building backgrounds. i'll have to make the composition work a little better next time. and wear more colorful outfits if i come up for pictures again! i hope to... as it's the summer, and why not take advantage?

chan roof 6

chan roof 7


  1. Hello Bushwick! I recognize the steeple in the background of some of these pics! I used to live on Troutman St.

    Anyway, I just found you via Elycia's blog. I love your voice! I think you can add Jenny Lewis to your "about me" comparing yourself to Feist & Joni Mitchell. :)

    New follower and fan!

  2. !! that is CRAZY that you can tell it's bushwick just from that tinnyyy steeple in the background!! but indeed, you're right. although technically, i think that church is in bed-stuy...

    i get the jenny lewis comparisons all the time too! checked out your blog... liked it & followed you as well :)

  3. your skirt is so cute!

    <3 steffy
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  4. well this was an excellent choice of background because that red blouse POPS so well!

  5. Hi dear!! thanks for contact me!! I'm your new follower!! I like your blog!! kiss,Mony.

  6. I think the photos turned out wonderful! I really like the pop of red :)


  7. Oh I think the rooftop photos are great!!! It's wonderful to see the cityscape from this vantage point. You're so lucky to have this! :) I also love your red shirt! It's a gorgeous color that almost pops out of the screen.

  8. i'm happy everyone liked it! i was unsure of the contrast of the background to my outfit, but i guess it worked out.

    thanks for the input, girls!

  9. love these roof shots!! I want to steal that red shirt :)

  10. That is such an amazing and form fitting outfit.
    Totally looks nice on you!



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