September 14, 2011

mystic aquarium

i took a lot of pictures during my trip home last weekend... my parents surprised us by taking us to the mystic aquarium!!

i remember taking field trips there when i was a kid. honestly, i think the last time i may have gone was when i was in kindergarten. it was a nostalgic time for me, and we had a blast.

the first animals we saw were the beluga whales. this particular guy was a trip. he actually liked to swim around and interact with the audience. his favorite thing to do was to scare the little children by making sudden crazy faces at them, such as this.

whale chan
chan aquarium

we also saw seals...


this steller sea lion was completely fucking majestic. when he had an itch, and it was a five-minute ordeal, which involved a mighty roar. (kind of a drama queen...)

sea lion 2
sea lion

the penguins were pretty...

penguin 2



paper jellyfish hanging from the ceiling!

paper jellyfish

the creepiest thing i saw all day were these eels. they would try to swim around in the water... but were so heavy that when they stopped moving, they would just flop down to the bottom of the tank. also, their mouths were constantly open... i guess in the sea, they were used to small fish and shrimp attending to cleaning their teeth.




parents chan



  1. these photos are absolutely dreamy. i love the way you captured the light and colors. aren't aquariums just the best?

  2. i love every last one of these pictures! especially the penguin ones - they are amaaazing.

  3. Awe, I love seals so much! :P And you look so pretty and happy! ;)

  4. One of my favorite places to go to is Ocean Park. I can only imagine how much fun you've had there. The pictures are really really fun to look at :)

  5. Great photos!! The penguin is so precious.

  6. Amazing pictures honey!

  7. I love these pics I've never been to an aquarium.


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