January 28, 2012

Meet the January sponsors

time again to shine some light on this month's sponsors! they are all amazing, awesome wonderful people (and entities) who you will adore. visit their blogs and shops, friend them on twitter, and leave them comments!! x

red label beautifully pure

My name is Katie. I'm a big sister, student, nerd and blogger. I'm slightly crazy, have friends to match, and spend my time bloging about my personal style, life and pretty things.


red label greta
Stina Her Name Was Greta

Hi! I my name is Stina and I have a blog called Her Name Was Greta. From the west coast of Sweden I blog about the things in life that makes me smile. I love to bake, my cats, sew and knit, and blog about it.


red label sparkles
Jaime Behind Tree 1

Hi there, my name is Jaime and I write a lifestyle blog with a geeky and crafty twist called Sparkles and Sticks. I always seem to be halfway through the following things: a YA fantasy book, a cup of coffee, a blanket that I am crocheting or knitting, and about 10 other crafty projects. Current new obsessions include the library, my word for 2012, and my little Q&A Book. Come stop by and say hi- I love making new blog friends!


red label blowfish

We think personal style is just another form of self-expression, and we make shoes for creative girls who can put together a look with effortless originality. Blowfish takes a break from the ordinary and a cue from the past. There’s something unexpected in every shoe we create, just as there’s something unexpected about every girl who wears them.


red label sew beastly

Hello lovely Chantilly readers! My name is Citlalli, and I am the over-caffeinated gal from Sew Beastly. Some of my favorite things to do are drinking coffee, eating, cooking, and sewing the day and night away as I rock out to my music. The last one is how Sew Beastly started...me, my sewing machine, my music, and my handmade dream. My shoppe is where you can find a fun mix of my handmade accessories, and I also blog over here. Stop by, stay awhile, and let's connect!


red label ampersand

I'm a sewer, a crafter, a voracious thrifter, potential hoarder, and owner of a 1984 Westfalia Vanagon. I'm a writer and a designer, but mostly just a secret cat lady. A is for Ampersand is about all of things with a little bit of thrifty goodness and old-fashioned magic for good measure.


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