February 24, 2012

friday pinspiration

omg, is it totally that time again?

time to overload on pretty internet pictures?? well let's get to it!

not gonna lie... i'm not sure what lemonade cordials are, or how they differ from regular lemonade. but they sure do look good. perfect for warmer weather sipping.

i need to procure me some beautiful vases such as these.

prettiest breakfast ever, found on the really cute blog dear friend.

this print from the little illustrator is so cuuute!! even better is that i happen to have won it in a giveaway on sandy a la mode. can't wait to hang it in my office!!

relentless wanderlust.... i will make it to wherever this is someday.

i think this is a chord organ, but i'm not sure. whatever instrument this is, i want it. including the stickers.

sucre on a beautiful mess.

found this very lovely lady while blog-browsing today.

as well as this one. has everyone checked out the blog advanced style yet?? you should.

the more a woman ages, the harsher society judges her. i get angry about this issue a lot, but this blog proves that you can by stylish and fabulous at any age. i plan on looking just like this lady when i'm older :)

this week's cute kitty picture installment :)

coffee with a heart marshmallow? yes indeed, i think i'll take it.

have a lovely weekend :) any plans?



  1. What cute and fun pictures here! The lemonade cordials look so yum and the bottle is so stylish too :) Have a great weekend! xo akiko
    Style Imported

  2. I just found 'Advanced Style' last night through twitter and cannot get enough!! :)

  3. such fun pictures here!! yayy soo glad you won the giveaway! :D have a great weekend!

  4. I enjoyed all of your finds, but I'm still stuck on that lemonade. Can it be summer already, with jars of that deliciousness filling my paws?


  5. Such great finds! I actually got my paws on a cute milk glass vase today!

  6. Oh my, that Advanced Style blog is awesome! So glad you posted about it, love it!
    Annd, now I'm hungry, haha!
    My only plans are to catch up on projects for school and work, thanks to my laptop for not wanting to work, it will be easier to get done.
    Have a good weekend too dear!

  7. I just fell in love with that black cat...thanks a lot Chantilly :p PS - I got my dress back last week...it was kinda like getting in in the mail after I ordered it all over again haha.

  8. ohhh i love that organ (including the stickers!!)..:D

  9. You seriously find some of the best pins Chantilly! I'll admit it, I do stalk your Pinterest for inspiration:) Loving that Sucre photo from A Beautiful Mess and it's never too early to start drinking lemonade. I must find out what these cordials are all about:) Happy weekend doll! xx Marisa

  10. Oh my gosh that kitty is so adorable!!!! What beautiful eyes!!!

  11. Mmmm, that breakfast :)

  12. I don't know what lemon cordials are either but it does look yummy :) Wasn't there something like that in Anne of Green Gables? For some reason it makes me think of that... good finds!

  13. I am obsessed with food photos, and breakfast ones in particular, hehe. The black kitty is too adorable! :p


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