February 08, 2012

guest post ~ sparkles and sticks

today, i've invited the lovely jamie from sparkles and sticks to answer a few questions about herself! such a sweetie ♥

My name is Jaime and I write over at Sparkles and Sticks. Here are the Top 10 Most Interesting Things About Me At The Moment:

1. I have recently decided to go back to school to become a High School English Teacher.
2. Yesterday the library wouldn't let me check out more books because I had reached the maximum allowed number: 30! It was embarrassing.
3. I only got on an airplane once last year. The current lack of travel in my life is driving me crazy.
4. A few days ago I became obsessed with Nerdfighteria. Help Decrease World Suck!
5. YA authors are my celebrities. I want to write books when I grow up.
6. I just turned 29.
7. I met my husband when I was doing study abroad in Wales in 2003-04 and we got married a little over a year ago.
8. I consider Wales my home away from home and get genuinely homesick for it.
9. It's been so long that I had my hair cut and highlighted that people have started giving me compliments on my hair as if it is an entirely new style. It's like a new 'do without the fee.
10. I got a TARDIS cookie jar for my 29th brithday- it makes noise and lights up and everything! I acted a lot more like a nine year old than a twenty-nine year old when I opened it.

Jaime Behind Tree 1

What's your blog about?

Sparkles and Sticks is a lifestyle blog with a crafty and geeky twist. I live a handmade, book lovin' life, and that is reflected in my blog. I've been blogging for six years (in various places) and I have spent nearly all six of those years trying to force my blog/blogging into a niche or category. It's never worked very well, and I always thought that it was my fault for being a "bad blogger." Then I realized that most of the blogs I love and have read for years on end don't fit strictly into a category at all. Not unless you count "a genuine account of this person's life and interests, told in a honest, clever, and artistic way" as a category of blogging. Now, I have stopped working so hard to define, in strict terms, what my blog is. I just blog.

When did you first start knitting and crocheting?

I learned to knit when I was a sophomore in college. One of my dorm neighbors (who was more like a roomate for all the time we spent together!) had recently learned to knit from her older brothers girlfriend, and she taught me everything she knew. I remember going to a tiny yarn store that no longer exists and picking out the chunkiest yarn we could find. "It's good to start with big yarn," she said. "You'll feel like you are getting somewhere." A few days later I wore my big, soft, very uneven purple scarf to our opening night of the university play that my friends and I all had parts in.

wedding blanket 5

How do you stay inspired?

For me the most important part of staying inspired is staying in a general good frame of mind. I struggle with anxiety and depression, and whenever those struggles are the worst is when my creativity nose dives. In order to stay both happy and inspired creatively, I try to keep my mind and body engaged with positivity. I read books about new things. I leave the house, get exercise, and explore new pockets of the world. When my brain is happy and healthy, ideas just fall into it. When it's not, nothing positive, worthwhile or true can penetrate my skull.

What's your life philosophy?

Temporarily Suspend Your Own Beliefs. This was the unofficial motto of my major in college and I think it is a brilliant philosophy. Basically, it means know who you are, but always be willing to stop and truly consider the other.

walk 4

If you could be any mythical creature, what would you be and why?

You won't believe how hard this question is for me to answer! Though the idea of a mermaid is forever tempting, I think right now I would have to say dragon. Wales, is supposedly full of dragons, and it would be really nice to visit.

Sparkles and Sticks


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