March 06, 2012

ally hoot

good afternoon, everyone!

i wanted to take a second to tell you about an amazing new development from one of my bloggy friends... everyone, this is marisa!

when i first stumbled across her blog, there were a few things that caught my attention- the warmth and friendliness in her writing, her beautiful photos, and the amazing vintage pieces she finds and wears.

i was super excited to hear she launched an etsy store a few days ago- ally hoot vintage! the store is filled with exactly the kinds of whimsical and colorful pieces you'd see marisa wear on her blog...

i hope everyone will hop on over and take a look. i truly do adore this girl, and want to see her store succeed :)

what are your favorite pieces from her store?

hope everyone is having a wonderful tuesday!



ps, the winner for the vintage apron giveaway was margaret from the bite sized baker! i'll be in touch :)

apron giveaway


  1. Your friend is adorable! And thanks for contacting me. xoxo, M

  2. oh she's soooo cute!! I love it! And totally just added her shop to my faves.

  3. Aw thanks sweet Chantilly...this totally makes me blush! I was just popping on over to find a photo of yours from your pinspirations to put on my tumblr...and saw this and well, it pretty much made my evening:) <3 ya lady! xx Marisa

  4. i'm glad everyone enjoyed hearing about marisa :)

    and ms. noelle, it was my pleasure to feature you.. xo


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