March 09, 2012

friday pinspiration

pictures roundup! some of my favorites this week were:

this pretty little notebook on miss indie.

of course i know the gist of this story, but the truth is i've never read this book or even seen the movie....

such a pretty heart bokeh. i want to learn how to do it.

this cookie cutter collection is kind of amazing. (there's even little feet!)

valerie's blog has some of the most beautiful pictures around. i feel like i post one of her photos every single week. this is a little corner of a vintage shop.

budapest. i can goez there now pleaze?

this is interesting... a jewelry box made out of an old book! i suppose you could use it for any old thing, not just jewelry.

this tutorial on how to create bow tied oxfords is right up my alley. imagine the possibilities!!

i just got some raw sugar that i've been using as a facial scrub. so i guess at some point, i'll have to make this- the prettiest sugar scrub ever.

this ring is apparently stone, but i thought it was glitter at first!

these lollipops are making me want to go to a carnival.

this girl
is so insanely pretty.

i hope everyone's week was a good one!

so i want to tell you guys something that i feel kind of cheesy about... i'm auditioning for the voice tomorrow. i knowww, you don't have to tell me how totally whack these "talent" shows are. but i watched an episode of it recently, and actually thought it was good! i respect the judges, and i like the fact that they're the ones who "choose" you.

many of the people on the show are actually already professionals looking to get a leg up. and i have to say. if christina aguilera ever told me that she loved my voice, i think i'd #1) pee a little, #2) tweet about it, and #3) put it in big red type as the first bullet point on my resume. i mean... the resume booster alone would be worth it, right?

anyway, i have to pass 2 auditions before i'd get in front of those judges. i'm not pinning all my hopes and dreams on making it, but i thought it would be an interesting experience. wish me luck!




  1. such great pins!
    the voice is my favorite of the singing shows. i think it has the most unique artists and judges. good luck on your audition!!
    happy friday :)


  2. These are so pretty. I love the bow tied oxfords.

  3. I'm gonna jump straight to the meat of this post. GOOD LUCK with the audition! I love that show...they really do have some great talent on there. There really isn't a "bad" singer on there. Plus...Adam Levine is a hottie. Yowza! Lots of good mojo heading your way! xo

  4. I LOVE those bow tie fact...I think I need to do that to mine this weekend! XO Lori

  5. Good luck with the audition! I hope to see you on the show :)

    I saw a tutorial for the bokeh effect once. I don't remember where, but I'll see if I can find it for you.

    Happy Friday :)

  6. Those shoes are so cute!
    And good luck at your audition. As corny as those shows can get it's still super exciting to be in one :)

  7. Oh cool, I was just about to comment on these amazing cookie cutters and then saw the Budapest pic haha, thanks for the little feature ;)
    But still: I want this cookie cutters collection! So cute!

    Good luck for the audition, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you! :)

  8. Oh my GOD! Send you good vibes for your audition! That is so bad ass and I wish you tons of good luck! I can't wait to hear how it goes!

  9. That's exciting news for you! I hope you go far :) Thanks for the sweet mention yet again. It's always nice to see your pinterest picks!

  10. Oh, don't say it's cheesy to audition for The Voice! I've never seen the show, but it can help people know your talent and love your voice, it can't be that bad at all! :D ALL THE BEST OF LUCK!!! And please, do let us know how it goes! Yay!!!

    Tight hug and rock it! ;D

  11. Is it wrong that with the book/jewelry box pic when you said you could put anything in there, I actually said in my head
    "You can put your weed in there!"
    like on The Hot Chick??
    Probably so.
    Good Luck on The Voice! I watch it all the time!

  12. Whoa Chantilly that's awesome! I'll be the first to admit that The Voice is the one reality show I actually quite adore. I am seriously sending the best of my wishes your way and keeping my fingers crossed for you. I'm so excited for you lady!

    Again more pinspiration beauty! That little vintage shop looks so enchanting. I want to find it and go:)

    A very happy weekend to you darlin! xx Marisa

  13. OMG i love all those things, thanks for sharing :)


  14. Your pins are gorgeous! I hope your audition went well. I'm not big into the singing shows, but I do feel like the voice is the best. I love how it is not at all based on apperances! But it is so nervewracking waiting for them to turn around! The only thing that bugs me is it seems you have to have some kind of sob story to get on there!

  15. i never read or watch oliver twist as well,,

  16. That whale notebook is so cute!

    I love the musical Oliver! It's a pretty good story if you get the chance to read and/or watch it.

  17. good luck, good luck, good luck! how much fun would that be?????

    can't wait to hear how it goes!

    we really like that show, although we're usually watching the bachelor instead. ;-)


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