March 16, 2012

friday pinspiration

favorite weekly pretties:

bonnie's closet is the loveliest.

this girl blogs, and has her own lovely store in virginia :)

so jealous that lisa has ferreal lemon trees in her backyard. she gets to make fresh lemonade.

came across these beautiful cuppys recently.

i want to hide in these willows.

here, i found a leather crafting tutorial. i mean, i could never do such a thing, but isn't the concept awesome? look at the beautiful pieces she made!

this picture really excited me... glitter covered tapes! i almost want to make a gold one, string it up, and have myself a really blingy necklace. (think flava flav.)

a band of street musicians performing in the subway.


pretty little bows
to put in your hair.

a pretty fake tattoo. i have to admit, this idea is kind of intriguing me...

salted caramel chocolate shortbread
looks wonderfullll.

a really beautiful painting of some circus tents in the snow :)

happy friday, everyone! do you all have plans for st. patrick's day?

my friend is having a birthday party, so i'll probably just attend that. people go crazy for it here- dressing all in green and getting wasted before noon. but i'm just "meh." to me, it's another one of those party holidays i could really care less about.

i'm more excited about the adult-themed class i'm going to on sunday with another friend ;) i won't say more than that, but i think it will be a scream.



  1. the dog teepee is super cute.
    and that salted caramel shortbread looks amazing!

  2. That salted caramel chocolate shortbread and Bonnie's clothes made my mouth water, haha (wait, what?!)

    Life is a romantic poem

  3. That short bread looks amazing, the dog teepee is adorable, and I'm looking up the fake tattoo right now! Might be the perfect solution to my dilemma...

  4. okay 1. I love anything caramel!! so those look to die for!
    2. doggy teepee!? ah, must have for my babies! & 3. I love the circus tent painting

  5. Very inspiring post! I love your friday pinspiration!! xo akiko
    Style Imported

  6. Dog Teepee?! Heck, I should get one for my cats once they move back in with us.

    With Lavendar & Lace is one of my new favorite finds too...I'm convinced I need to take a lil ol road trip down to VA just to visit her enchanting shop.

    Gosh I wish I had a lemon tree in my backyard!

    Have a lovely weekend lady! xx Marisa

  7. I love all of these! I've made those caramel shortbread before, and they're amazing. I ate them so fast, I had to make another batch. Haha.

  8. Ummm, I hope someone makes that salted caramel shortbread for me. I'm feeling a tad lazy but would really like to have some. You should come over for some lemonade! :)

  9. oh your pics are fun fun fun!!
    i am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.
    we did green jello shots for St Pattys day...

  10. I want the fake tattoo!!! It's kind of frustrating because I want a real tattoo but I can't so I'll stick to the fake ones. For now. :)

  11. Hey! Thanks for the link love. :-)


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