March 23, 2012

friday pinspiration

sheesh, another week... donezo! stuffs that i've been loving include-

beautiful italian soda on yellow songbird.

i love that kaylah and elycia both own cat shoes... and slightly different ones at that.

another feet photo, that looks almost exactly like the previous one. but more couples-y.

cheesecake stuffed strawberries!! need i say more? i think not.

whimsical starry loft. i think i need blue christmas lights asap.

this sleeping cat!! this guy looks, and is acting exactly like my cat max- who once fell asleep next to an amp while we were hosting a house concert.

these fierce chicks.

lisa's cat sweater diy!

this lovely guitar.

do you ever have one of those procrastinating days where you don't feel like doing anything? there are all these major tasks and little extraneous ones floating around inside my head....

like we've been looking for a new roommate for our apartment, and still haven't found one yet. i'm still looking for more students. i'm releasing my cd next month... lots of tasks associated with that. there's been an overflow of creativity and ideas lately, but i need to take care of the big stuff first, before starting on new projects.

all this stuff!! and i don't want to do any of it!! i know it will all be fine in the end, but i'm still kinda stressed about it now. you know?

sigh. well anyway tonight, two of my friends are having birthday parties in completely separate locations, and i'm gonna try to hoof it to both. any fun plans for the weekend?? xx



  1. OMG those strawberry cheesecakes are amazing! That is such a neat idea and saves on mess! I am bowled over and will have to try this!

  2. I'm totally having one of those days right now. I love all these pins! I saw the cat shoes post, too-- and thought the same thing!

  3. Awe, that cat and Lisa's sweater! ;)

    Hope you have fun at the birthday parties tonight!

    And good vibes so you can meet all your goals! ;D

  4. Nice list! Love that cat sweater!

    Have fun at the parties!

    This weekend is my birthday, and a bunch of friends and I are going to go see the Hunger Games!

  5. Those strawberries look so good and that is one fat cat. lol

  6. Monday was my procrastinating day this week. Those stuffed strawberry cheesecakes look absolutely amazing!

  7. I've been so busy and out and about lately that I'm pretty sure this weekend for me is going to be way low key...finally!

    Such perfect Pinspirations as always...I saw that cat sweater DIY earlier this week and it is on my to do list...and those cat shoes ...want!

    Have fun at your bday parties and catching up on your procrastinations. Sometimes I wish I had a magic wand I could wave and poof...all those things be done:) Happy Weekend Chantilly! xx Marisa

  8. I don't have any fun plans, but seeing those strawberries filled with cheesecake makes me want to make them!!

    Missing Amsie Blog

  9. Good luck getting through your tasks right now! I know it totally sucks when you feel overwhelmed by stuff like that, but you will rock it out in no time! And have an awesome new roomy too!

    I can't believe their matching cat shoes- those girls are too adorable :) Thanks again for including me, girl!! Enjoy the last bits of the weekend!

  10. i love the cat shoes and the star loft!

  11. Awww I spy the Rock and Roll bride in the fierce chicks shot. I love her :)


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