March 30, 2012

March sponsors

{{like meeting the family, but with cuter outfits}}

:trumpet intro:

i present to everyone... my fantastic march sponsors!! they are all lovely, talented women. go check out their blogs, shops, and make new friends!


red label ally hoot

Hello there, I'm Marisa and I run the lil ol Etsy shop, Allyhoot Vintage. I'm just another whimsical-hearted gal who adores making music and going on little adventures with my husband and son. I have an affinity for vintage dresses, big bows, and silly hats...oh and owls too! When I'm not spending my hours scouting out my next sweet vintage darling, I'm probably drinking way too much coffee and blogging right here...or getting lost somewhere in a Hemingway novel:) Pop on by and say hello if you feel so inclined.


red label painting bliss

Hi I'm Ashlie Blake! I create whimsical mixed media pieces of art. I use acrylics, papers, tissue paper, and other great materials when composing a painting. Inspired by nature you will find animals, landscapes, and girls in my work. Find my work in my Etsy shop and also on an amazing organization that sends meals to hungry children across seas with the sale of each art print.



Hello there, my real name is Caitlin. On the internet I generally answer to doverpeak. I often blog about my outfits, current nail color, and pretty much anything that grows out of the ground. I'm an avid hitRECorder and self-proclaimed film aficionado. Let's be friends!



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