April 13, 2012

friday pinspiration

i formally dub this installment of pinspiration "girls doing their own thang" day, since those are the images that i seemed to be most attracted to this week. probably because my most favorite thing to do is hang out and do my... "thang."

for example, coffee time. alone or with a friend. probably one of my most favorite things to do.

walking in a pretty field. i have to admit, i haven't done this in awhile, but i'd very much like to someday soon.

sitting, overlooking some pretty scenery. dear universe- can i do this anywhere, anytime, as soon as possible please?

eating breakfast. i'm pretty sure i did that... this morning. but it probably didn't look this cute. maybe someday i'll have that wallpaper and it will. i've already got the teapot...

i also heart these heart bricks. and i heart how i realized that if you slap a heart on anything at all, it becomes a metaphor.

some various orange things...

no pinspiration is complete without at least one kitty.

and well, two kitties are always better than one.

i'm really really really, REALLY smitten over these initial necklaces.

wish i was there right now.

was recently enamored by this magical ruby slipper.

really want to try this "wooden" can diy!

did anything eventful happen in your world this week?

i've been doing stuff for my release party on tuesday! the guest posts have been slowly rolling in, and i'm super excited. tomorrow i'll be posting a finalized list of everyone contributing. it's gonna be sick.

also... the EP will be officially available! you've been able to preorder it thus far, but on tuesday, it will be officially available for purchase...

that is, if you've already placed an order, it will finally be sent to you after tuesday. if you purchased a digital copy, it will be automatically emailed to you! and if you order after tuesday, everything will go normally as planned.

i'm sorry if that sounds confusing... i think i just confused myself. and i know i'm talking about my cd a lot, but it might be the closest thing to a baby i'll ever have :)




  1. what would the world do without pinterest!

  2. aw those cats are too cute!!


  3. Those wood tins are amazing, and I've already pre-ordered your album. Can't wait to get the email!! :D

  4. What a nice selection of photos! ;) And coffee time and eating time in general are my favorite things, too :p.

    By the way, I'm working on my guest post. I might have to send it tomorrow because we're having company today :/. You'll get it before Monday, for sure.

    Have an awesome weekend! ;D

  5. Oh my ....eye candy delight. Several of these are surely going to wind up on my tumblr. Looking forward to your party Chantilly. I just got my swag from you in the mail yesterday....yay!!! Thank you so much...the skirt is a beauty. I've already worn it...how is that for eager? And of course I couldn't say enough about the album:) Have a lovely weekend lady!!

  6. Such cute photos. I love the one of the glitter heels.

  7. Those cats are adorable! (I'm a bit of a crazy cat lady, haha).

    I love those initial necklaces and the ruby slippers!

    Sharleena xx

  8. those shoes are soo fab!!

  9. Great finds, as always :)

    I'm loving your album! This is the first time I've listened to it. You have a beautiful voice!

  10. Ohhhh! Chantilly, you are the sweetest! I just squealed out loud when I saw my beach on here - you darling!
    And ummm.... those shoes, the heart bricks and that kitchen - WOW!
    And thanks again for the comment the other day - I had to come over here for a peek, and I'm loving your blog!!
    Sway xx

  11. Mmm those shoes are delightful. And I spy the Rock N' Roll Bride in the background :P


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