March 30, 2013

Sponsor Spotlight March

Here are my lovely March sponsors. They are also some of my favorite internet reads, and I highly recommend having a look see at their blogs, shops, etc :)

Please click their links and get to know them!

Thanks & have a wonderful afternoon ♥ ♥

kitty and buck itty and buck

Hello! My name is Shell, but my fiance calls me Kitty, and it caught on! I am currently a Motion Graphics Designer, but am also qualified to teach you ballet, fit your bra and make your coffee. I play music, bake, read and sew in my spare time, as well as blog and design blogs for other people! Kitty & Buck is about living creatively, photography, fashion and little pieces of anything that takes my fancy. Come say hi, I know we'll get along just fine.


ally hoot ally hoot

Hello, I'm Marisa, your all around music making, sweet baking, vintage loving kind of gal who hails from a cozy little mountainside near Scranton, PA - yes near Dunder Mifflin ;-) I wear dresses, I DIY, I bake sweets, I run my shop, AllyHoot Vintage, and I explore. Bright colors, 60s dresses, old hats, Dr. Seuss, and ukeleles tickle my fancy. Pop on over and say hello - I promise I am friendly. xo


charlie foxtrot Charlie Foxtrot Blog

Hey gang! I'm Erin and I hail from the prairie city that is Edmonton, Canada. I work at a TV station, I'm mama to a toddler and a few wee axolotls, I love exploring abandoned houses with my guy Raimund, and I absolutely adore film photography. Intrigued? Come say hello!



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