April 29, 2014

Interview : Andrea from Everyday Soiree

Hello everyone! 

I'd love to introduce you to Andrea, who runs a beautiful blog called The Everyday Soiree.  

andrea mcardle

What do you blog about? 
My blog is a journal of my life. I try to document most of the things that look beautiful (or at least put-together) like fashion, do-it-yourself projects and home interior. However, I also try to capture some of the not so pretty stuff too, such as parenting moments, womanly struggles and my constant battle with how to maintain a balanced and healthy life.  My blog is just a hodgepodge of pictures and thoughts that make up my own little everyday party.

How do you stay inspired?
Blogging is how I stay inspired day to day. I find that all my creativity can get sucked out by my little children (pun very much intended).  But there is nothing more encouraging than reading other blogs of women also just 'in it', immersed in the daily-grind of it all, but taking the time to share what they find beautiful each day.  I think we all have a story to tell and a different way we tell it.  I follow blogs to learn about others and to get inspired artistically. I love that by blogging myself, I am contributing to this amazing community.

Tell us what it's like to live in Austin! 
Oh Austin, my Austin.  Obviously the secret is out as we get 110 new people moving here A DAY! But let me tell you, everything good you've heard about Austin is true.  No matter how hot it gets, you will always find the streets full of runners, cyclists and yogis all on our way from a fabulous work-out and heading to meet friends for margaritas and queso. And don't worry if you don't know anyone here, because we are the friendliest people around. Everyone I know (myself included) talks a big game about not liking people that move here.

However, as soon as we meet you, we are guaranteed to invite you to sit with us, share with you are favorite band/bar and persuade you to join us on our next social bike ride.  It's a city full of grown-up kids who work hard and play harder. As a parent I get the best of both worlds, I finally get to utilize all the fabulous family resources here in town, but I get the nightlife as well.

And just a little fun fact I learned recently, Austin has more dogs than children and more vets than pediatricians. We love our dogs, our rivers, our guitars and our bicycles. Come visit!

andrea at everyday soiree

What's been your biggest accomplishment in life?
This is a very difficult question for me, although I physically accomplished so much in my twenties, I really believe my thirties will be the decade I grow in to my own skin, as an artist, a professional and a woman. However, you're not asking me this question ten years from now. So, as of now I truly believe my greatest accomplishment is becoming the person I was supposed to be. Sometimes in life we have to break away from the way in which we were raised, whether that be in religious or political beliefs or just in the way we conduct ourselves as human beings.  I for one, think nothing is harder than carving out our own path. After more than my own share of mess-ups, I definitely think I have not only found my path, but am comfortable on it.

What's your favorite song, and why?
Man in the Mirror by Michael Jackson. Without a doubt or hesitation.  (but pretty high on the list is also 'Can the Circle be unbroken', which is an old hymn performed by many country artists and 'Shoop' by Salt-n-pepa! duh girl, duh!) 

andrea mcardle1

If you could be any mythical creature, what would you be?
Ok, funny story. I was older than I'll ever admit when I found out that Narwals were real actual mammals.  I had thought that they were mythical creatures. Seriously y'all, seriously. I think I almost had a heart attack upon finding this out, I was more excited than one should be.  To this day, just thinking about Narwhals I become overwhelmed with how much magic is around us all the time in this gorgeous world.  I believe Narwhals are my spirit-animal, the content of my next big tattoo and unquestionably what I would love to be. (sorry I know that didn't answer the question).


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