May 30, 2014

Our Sweetened Life + Writer's Care Package Giveaway!!

Please give a warm welcome to Dianna!  She writes a wonderful lifestyle blog called Our Sweetened Life.  I got the chance to do an interview with her this week, and hope you will read along, her fantastic family, and her creativity.

Another awesome part:  she's hosting a giveaway!  It may be the cutest giveaway in the history of this blog... a Care Package for Writers- including a candle and several journals.  Scroll down and have a look!! 

PS, you can also find her on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram :)

Love her!!

1) What do you blog about?

    My blog covers a range of life topics....I blog about everything I find inspiring which includes home decor, cooking and baking and every day life. I have a weekly feature (Sweet Inspirations) that is a roundup of what has inspired me throughout the week. It changes weekly, but includes Pinterest favorites, photography inspiration, Etsy love and other cool things from around the web.  I'm a new mother to a beautiful baby girl, Laina, and I find a LOT of inspiration in her, so I write about what it's like being a new mother. I'm an Environmental Scientist by day and I needed a creative outlet so designing the blog and writing creatively has filled a huge desire for me.

2) How do you stay inspired?

    I think the biggest way I stay inspired is by connecting with other bloggers. There is an amazing online community of artists and writers and other mothers and we all share a common ground.  My husband and family is my other huge source of inspiration. They are so supportive and keep me moving forward.  When I surround myself with people and things that excite me, the inspiration flows out and is pretty much unstoppable!

3) What's been your biggest accomplishment in life?

    This is an interesting question! And I think I could have a different answer every day.  But to speak more generally, I think my biggest accomplishment so far is becoming a mother. I know it's not a unique accomplishment but being a mother is hands down the most amazing, inspiring, difficult, messy, rewarding, heart stopping thing I've ever done. Most of us wear several hats and the mother hat never comes off. The responsibility is just really awesome.  It's awesome when everything is crazy, it's awesome when we succeed at getting baby to sleep, it's awesome when we see her huge gummy smile every day.  My life has never had more purpose before becoming a mommy.

4) What's your favorite song, and why?

    I'm such a lover of music. Music has gotten me through so many things throughout my life and one thing I love most about music is the nostalgia it gives me from certain times of my life.  My love of music crosses a lot of genres but I would say that my favorite song would have to be Journey's "Don't Stop Believin".  It makes me happy, brings me back to fun times and I can't help but belt out the lyrics every time I hear it!

5) If you could be any mythical creature, what would you be?

    Hmmm... can I be a woodland faerie? I think it would be awesome to fly (it's different than being in an airplane because I would be in control!). I would love to be a tiny little blue fairy living in the deep forest, flying around, just trying to make things better!

So it was wonderful to read about Dianna, and her lovely life :)  NOW for something different... IT'S GIVEAWAY TIME!!!

writer's care package giveaway

I wasn't kidding when I said Dianna offered up a really sweet package for the writers in the hizzouse!!   It is so thought out and put together... (and check out that elephant journal up there, huh?  Sexy elephants make everything 10x better.)

It's a Care Package for Writers that is sure to keep you feeling inspired  throughout the year :)   Items include:

1) Handmade Paper journal (supports women in Tibet)
2) A is for Awesome journal (both lined and graph paper)
3) Elephant stationary (Eco-stationary)
4) Scented Candle (Poppy & Coriander)

Good luck!!

writer's care package giveaway

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  1. Such an awesome giveaway!


  2. I'm with her on the woodland faerie. They were some of my favorite mythical creatures as a kid.

  3. Thank you for this lovely giveaway!
    thank you for the review!

  4. Great giveaway. Thank you :)

  5. thanx for this opportunity! everything is beautiful. when the entry asks "what name we follow under" in bloglovin, do we put our full name or our username?

    1. I think username... just so long as I can look you up! xxo

  6. What a great selection of items to inspire writers! Anyone would love to win this. Thanks for the opportunity!

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