October 18, 2014

Interview with Penny Louis

Hello all!

Today, I have the pleasure of interviewing an great bunch of folks I've gotten to know recently- the band Penny Louis.  They are awesome musicians, lovely people, and they put on a great show (I should know- I played with them a few weeks ago!)  

If you are in the city, drop by to see their set at The Bitter End this Sunday (tomorrow, 10/19!)  Only $5!


Penny Louis Band

Introduce yourself!

PAULINE ANNE- I'm Pauline of Awesomeland. I'd like to be called Penny but wouldn't that be too egotistical? I can't go a day without coffee, I love James Dean and my mission in life is watch everything Kevin Spacey is in. I'm not as in tune with popular culture as I seem and I'm fine with that. I'd like to live through the 50's with their tacky ads. They're ridiculous!

JOHN MORALES- I'm John The Stretcher. I work as a Physical Therapist Assistant in my day job, a bassist for Penny Louis, and a bookshop keeper in the American Museum of Natural History. My dream is to become the Kaiser of the Roman Empire in the year 1.

MAY MADARANG- Makeshiftmay here! Literally my motto for just about EVERYTHING! While the band would say I'm very organized, I'm also the type that's content with making-do with practically any situation I'm put in. I play most music by ear, so call me a "makeshift musician" (violinist) even.  I'm an energetic and a "Jacklyn of all trades."

MICHAEL CHRISTIAN- My name is Michael and I am neat, I love pretty girls and I love to eat! Percussionist of Penny Louis and a singer/songwriter myself.  I love puppies, long walks in the beach and sunrise and sunset, Kate Upton, drawing constellations and myself.

NIKHOLAI PUNTO- Hi, my name is Nikholai Punto, you can call me Nikko! I'm Penny Louis' guitarist.

How did you start playing together?

MC- ​I practically forced her to sing on one of my other band's shows. After that night, a vision came to me and then I said to myself "I will marry that girl!" lol. From then on I pretty much sold myself to be her musician and forced her to make a band.

P- Woah. So what Michael said... I was fooled to make a band! Just kidding. He found me like a lost cub and groomed me to be a fox! Rawr!

MM- I knew our Mike from when he was in a band, Urban Echo (how long ago was that???) and then their former vocalist encouraged me to eventually audition.

J- I found Pauline's profile picture on facebook jumping in front of a white background really high and happy. So I thought to myself, "wow I want to jump with her too!" I finally made it to jump with her.

N- I joined the band after a couple of rehearsals I begged them to recruit me because I'm their #1 fan! I'm a musician at heart and I enjoy my tight crew of fellow artists!

Penny Louis Band

Tell an interesting/funny story from a show.

J- One time Mike, Pauline and I with our friend, Jeanne, played at an event called Santa Cruzan. In our set was a song called "Kahit Kailan", which is a very difficult song to sing because of its high and wide range. We had done this song many times!

But in this event, when Pauline reached highest and most climatic note, she was nearly on the floor like a ball as if trying to squeeze out her insides. It totally blew everybody's mind, nothing ugly happened, but it was so shockingly good, that it surprised us and made us laugh. Mike and I absolutely loved it and would endlessly make fun of her because she didn't even realize what she was doing on the stage.

MC- Its true what John says. Pauline usually don't know sometimes what she does on stage so whenever she does something unusual its always magical!

Are you guys recording anything right now?

P- We are recording what will be our very first EP/Album. It's a mixture of songs I wrote over the years and ones that Mike, John and May inspired out me. I'm not the only song-writer of the group so it would contain songs that Mike and John penned themselves! It's gonna be weird and it's going to be wonderful, I tell you!

Penny Louis Band

How do you stay inspired?

J- My true inspiration is the joy of giving. And, amongst other things I can offer, I am born with the gift of music to give the world. Most of us in the band are like that.

MM- I'd like to give credit to our senses (sight, sound, taste, smell and touch), and I react to whatever conditions are present. Being passionate and taking ownership of developing my craft requires me to exercise ways of being creative. Thus to do so I have to be open, experimental, seek ways to expose myself to an array of things that interest me.

N- I try new avenues of music and I explore all sorts of sounds to keep my interest out there. I love sequencers and drum machines! I try to integrate those things along with my guitar playing!

MC- I listen to other singer/songwriters, watch a lot of youtube channels and go to shows and concerts.

P- I'm inspired by life and it's contrasts. Sometimes it's fast, sometimes it's slow, sometimes it's super-awesome and other times could be downright depressing. I take this all in, write my thoughts down and end up with a song. I try not to think about it too much.

What's your favorite song/musician?

MC- ​I do listen to everything but lately I am listening to a lot of Jason Mraz, John Mayer and Ed Sheeren​'s songs

J- To be honest, its a cliché, but the Beatles is my favorite band.

MM- Of all time, Michael Jackson because he pretty much knocks every performer out of the water with his stage presences, skilled dancing, and EPIC/LEGENDARY music videos!!! Currently, I'd say a lot of music come out of Denmark/Sweden artists like Royksopp, Robyn, Little Dragon, The Knife, Fever Ray, Quadron, Oh Land, Jonna Lee.

P- The Beatles. They're my favorite because they're my papa's favorite and he sings their songs all the time!

N- Jimi Hendrix, need I say more? Great musician and amazing guitarist!

If you could be any mythical creature, what would you be?

P- Kitsune. Because I love foxes... and while they are known to be tricksters they are also associated with knowledge and longevity.

J- Check out my instagram: mythicwolf

MM- A UNICORN, because I'm a dreamer, I'm magical, I'm special and wild!!! And I want to fly on a rainbow called the colors of LIFE! That would make me sooOoOo happy. ^__^

N- I am fascinated with fire breathing dragons kinda like Smaug!!!

MC- Phoenix!

Penny Louis Band

Tell us about your upcoming shows!

We will have our debut performance at The Bitter End this 10/19 Sunday as a part of the Singer-Songwriter Sessions. It's $5 at the door to see several up and coming, local, New York Artists! And we will be having Penny Louis: Live @ Choga on 10/23 with The Casual One and Of the Kings. We are sharing in a pre-halloween open mic with THE Collabo-Queen, Nichole Acosta's EP release party 10/30. Busy month, it's exciting!!!

Visit them online!!   www.wearePENNYLOUIS.com

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