September 16, 2008

cd design meeting

this was awhile ago... a few weeks, maybe. but here's some pictures of a meeting with graphic designer and friend, coley graf. we went up to her new house in cold spring and hung out/ talked design stuff for the album.
she's showing me an example of the kind of packaging i want, and how the content is all put together. (that is jenn friedman's album, by the way, which coley also did the design for.)


we drank absinthe.

absinthe, for the first time


and relaxed.

mr. matt


and read books.



and uh... yeah. this is a real human skeleton. coley and her fiance, john, have stuff like this all over their house.

skeletons in the... corner


and at the end she read my tarot! each card represents a month. for the most part, it will be an inspiring and creative year for me. yay!





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