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hello, folks. name's chantilly. i write songs and sing them. i live in brooklyn, ny.


i like blogging. though admittedly, i don't read many blogs except for friends' personal ones. i'm starting this as an effort to help keep myself thinking. to keep me engaged, in hopes others might find what i write interesting as well. i hope to have pictures and maybe videos once i get a non-shitty camera.


some things this blog will be:

*updates on how things are going in chantilly's musicland

*personal struggles and gains as an artist living in new york city

*intelligent musical commentary

*local happenings (i reside in bushwick, brooklyn)

*ranting (it's inevitable)

*basically whatever i feel like, so long as it has to do with any aspect of any kind music and/ or any issues surrounding it. this includes classical opera, jazz quartets, the mariachi band on the 6 train, top 40 pop, freak folk... you get my drift. anything that inspires, or causes me to have a thought.


some things this blog will not be:

*pretentious hipster crap

*a personality-less promotional tool for myself


in short, i hope to make this a chronicle of music and my experiences with it.

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