September 23, 2008


been swamped with work lately. and album stuff. and just anxiety in general. so now it's just me and carlo rossi, sitting being bored together, waiting for a 6am wakeup call.

what do you folks do for anxiety? sometimes i meditate. sometimes i drink red wine. sometimes i let it build up inside until i get a panic attack. it all depends on my mood. i also find there are times when it's easier to keep a positive outlook than others.

here are some pictures i took:

me & kira

matt & scenery

bubble tea in chinatown
bubble tea in chinatown

vanity photo sesh

music i'm into right now: tegan and sara. wilco. spoon. even though these selections are so last year. whatever. next year i'll be all about the cool kids, the cold war kids, the black kids, and all those other bands with "kids" in the name that seem to be hip right now.


okay, slighty tipsy and with melodies flowing through my head, i'm off to bed. or to watch my slingbox. whatever comes first.

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