February 22, 2009

the co-op & other stuff

ugh. i am sick. i'm drinking kombucha tea and trying to sleep it off. but as much as my body wants to, i just can't sleep right now. which is why i'm up writing this blog. i had a super (but tiring) time at purchase, my old college, this weekend. i haven't played there since i graduated. luckily though, i found some great girls to put on a show with, and it was totally fun.

the trek up to purchase is a treacherous one, and can take up to two hours if you go by completely by public transport like i do. nevertheless, i like the trip. i settle into my seat on the metro north train, and prepare to get some rest. a few minutes after i do, a guy sits in the seat next to mine. he looks at me sideways and says something sort of mumbly. i ask him to repeat, and he speaks up more clearly, "are you bess rogers?" i laugh hysterically, and ask why he would think that. "you sort of look like her." yeah, i guess we've both got... that... uh... brown hair thing going? it turns out he's from the purchase music program, and we spent the train ride talking of professors and plans to take over the world.

...although for some reason, it kind of bothered me that this person's ideas were a little skewed. they included scoring a major label record contract through his numerous "contacts", and getting on mtv. also, he seemed to think it was all easy peasy, and got offended when i told him that it takes actual work - contacts or not. it was all he talked about. it made me wonder what kind of delusions my former college panders to its students nowadays. oh well.

five hours after i'd left my brooklyn apartment, the eagle finally landed and i was once again at my alma mater (errands, people, errands! eyebrows don't thread themselves.) i had enough time to get a sandwich, fiddle around in the practice rooms, and stumble over to the co-op. i met up with the girls, who were nervous that no one was there at first. but throughout the night, people gradually trickled in.

one of the great things about being a singer-songwriter is getting to play with/ meet other great singer-songwriters, bands, and musicians! hee young kang started it off with her cutsey, whimsical songs. i love her unusual sense of melody.

hee young and mark

laura stevenson and the cans played second. we met at an open mic about two years ago. i was going through some myspace correspondence recently, remembered her, and invited her to come up. she has an amazing, amazing voice, and the guitar and violin players really added to the songs.

laura stevenson & the cans

laura stevenson & the cans

the whole time, a dog named oojie was running around! he even came onstage for part of their set!


"don't pee on the d.i."

at this point it was getting a little late, and page and i were afraid we were going to lose the crowd. so we decided to do a songwriters in the round type of set - perform a song each back and forth - so we both could benefit from the ears in the audience. ps, these pics were taken by laura.

me & page


page's guitar lines/ melodies/ voice make for an otherworldly experience.


the crowd


after it was over and all was said and done, no one had a couch for me to crash on. so... i ended up sleeping in the co-op! i was a little wierded out at first, but it turned out to be really cool. i even started writing a new song there, over illicit cups of hot cocoa and popcorn with butter buds.

my bed that night.
my bed

sunday, i left before noon, so as not to alarm the girl coming in for her shift, and got something to eat. after my meal i decided i was still tired, and brazenly came back like i HADN'T just spent the night, to laze around under the sleeping bag until two. i then met up with danielle to do some mixing. at this point, i was beat and finally did the long trek home. now i'm up with insomnia, telling you all the tale.

also, kind of late to the party are these sick photos, which my friend adam jason took of the bowery poetry club benefit.

bowery benefit

bowery benefit 2

louisa on the backupz.
bowery benefit louisa

ugh. why is it that i always take photos like this when i perform?
by adam jason photography

why can't i take photos like this? (april smith and the great picture show courtesy of adam jason.)
april smith - courtesy adam jason photography

it's not like i look all weird in real life. or at least i don't think i do. maybe my face just moves around a lot when i talk and sing. again, OH WELL.

so there's one last thing to this update, and that's to tell you i had my first interview the other day on eclecticink.org. she asked me a few political-themed questions, which i wasn't expecting, but i did my best to give my honest, no-holds-barred opinions. go check out the site because it is amazing, and the interview because i am amazing.


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