February 18, 2009

i have not updated in awhile. basically, i fail at remembering to take pictures of my life. or having thoughtful things to say about music. or maybe it's more like i'm a music-drone these days "must... get... gigs..." i've been spending my days researching and emailing more than anything. which has yeilded some okay results. anyway, i'm no good at introductions, so here are some things that have been going on with me:

i played a benefit show at bowery poetry club recently, of which i have no pictures of me (yet.) but i had a great time taking pictures of/ listening to the other acts...

hailey & her band
hailey & band

rachael sage was kind of awesome. she made a comment onstage about my bangs and i was totally flattered.
rachael sage

rachael's cellist
rachael's cellist

there was another band called changing modes, but i did not get their picture due to drunkenness. they were nice people though. and had that brooklyn noise/ indie rock thing going, complete with theremin.

also, i had a design meeting with coley yesterday, and it went well! i'm starting to get more excited about the album as it progresses. here i am "kick'n it with coley."
kick'n it with coley!

designs, designs!

basmati rice with some chicken. and licorice tea.
chinese food but not really

here are some fake song titles that i was changing for her. she put these in because i never gave her the list of songs until now. kira is a hippy is a hit in the making, i swear.
fake song titles

the meeting was good. we were talking... watching this documentary on the helvetica font (very interesting by the way, you would never think a font would be that important)... eating... doing graphic design stuff... it was totally laid back, but we got a lot done. i was right there to mess around with stuff and make changes.

now here are some random things i've come across in my travels...

written on some lady's desk calender - "i am too blessed to be stressed & too annointed to be disapponted!"
this was great...


my friend, louisa, is a fellow musician/ artist and we sing backup vocals for each other's projects. one night at a rehearsal, she opened her drawer, and it was full of glitter and beautiful things.
louisa's wicked amazing glitter drawer thing

out w/ louisa & will.
louisa & will

gorgeous sweets, @ kitchenette on the upper west side. i had one of the cupcakes though, and it was definitively blah.
i had the cupcakes.  not as good as they look.

mad fresh! this sign was near a chinese bakery where i went the other day and came like four times when i had the coconut cream pastry oh god.
mad fresh!

alrighty, i'm no good at goodbyes either, so... fin!

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