March 26, 2009

owls owls everywhere

guys, i'm trying to make shorter updates. because i always feel like i need to make really long, interesting ones, but then it's too much pressure and i only post like once every two months. but little stuff in the interim is interesting too, right?

well so you know, i'm doing artwork or something like it. (but i'm reallly not a visual artist, so i'm faking it hard.) i ordered a shit-ton of tote bags, and am going to screen print them this friday! i'm going to have a merch store soon! what the hell. the album isn't done yet (although i'm having a meeting with chris tomorrow to discuss his mixes.) i've got to have SOMETHING to sell at all these upcoming gigs to get some gas $ home.

patiently waiting until april 15th to see if i got into the kerville new folk contest or not...

planning my gigs... going after more...

organizing my life...
and that's it!


  1. hooty-ah!

    Speaking of finishing the album... we all good with the cover design? (Just need to let me know what to add/fix in names if I recall.)

    Can't wait to see your artsy owl bags!

  2. blarg, i just saw this now. i'll email you about it, okay? although, officially it can't be all done until i know whose mixes i want for what trax and where i'm going to get it mastered.


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