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i met up with my friend chris gilroy today. he's doing some mixes for my album, and taking it in a different direction than danielle did. it's very spacious and dreamy with more effects (for the songs i've heard so far.) not that i didn't love the job that danielle did (pretty/ clean/ pop-y), but it's just a luxury to be able to have two different people mix for you. this way, you can see what style fits which song more. a mix 'n match album! ha.

i admit, it's a little hard to digest chris's stuff after being used to danielle's versions for so long. but he's doing just what i asked of him. i really don't want my work to sound sparkling clean. since my songs and arrangements are pretty straightforward, i wanted a little more edge in the post-production. some "ear candy," as chris puts it. from the preliminary listen i liked where he was coming from, but some of the effects are a little overdone. all in all though, it's refreshing and scary to hear the change. i'll need to give them a couple more spins. i might end up going with chris's mixes exclusively if we can find just the right balance...

the next step, which i've been putting off forever, is to find a competent yet affordable mastering engineer. i've got some suggestions to look into.

and dear discmakers- can you discount the eco wallets already? but before i order them, not after 'kay? that would just be cruel. you've run specials on everything else. it'd be great thaaaanks.

show updatez: i was in portland last weekend. maine not oregon, that is. i played at a slainte wine bar. it was cool. sort of dead for a saturday night, but hey. it happens. the owner, ian, was really nice. before that, i was in providence at as220- a place i've ALWAYS wanted to play at. it changed a lot since the last time i was there. still, it exceeded my expectations and i was happy to be there :)

tomorrow i'm going to dc to do sounds of hope for the second time. the weekend after that i'm playing at the cool, a house concert series, and i'm SO excited about it.

now must do email blasts and pack and burn cd's and get together travel for tomorrow.

so, signing off. really excited about the mixes :P

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