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tours, etc.

i know, i know. i'm a sucky blogger. once-per-month updates?! shame on me. but i've been twittering a bunch. i find that it's much easier to commit to one simple, short thought rather than a long, drawn-out post. i used to love making blogs. who knows, maybe it's the progressively shorter attention span of the collective conscious of the internet that's infecting me. either way, a few thoughts:

i had a swell time at all the shows i played last month. all the people i met were fantastic. many of them instantly felt like friends, and i hope i can keep in touch...

last month marked my first time renting a car, ever. or... not exactly true, since we had one in austin. it was my first time doing it myself, start to finish. i got the best rate on boarded the nj transit bus to the airport. took shuttles and airtrains until i reached the avis counter, confirmation number in hand. then sat in my economy driver's seat, nervous. could i do this again? be a driver? FUCK YES, I COULD. alright then, we're off!

but trouble struck: google had given me the most fucked up directions that could ever be. since google had never done me wrong before, i had no inclination to check them before i left the house. i first suspected something was askew when they had me get off on a dinky little townie road, that passed many a dunkin' donuts and burger king along the way. i KNEW it was askew when i saw that they wanted me to stay on it ALL the way to the venue. i started panicking- around me, all this nature and beauty... i couldn't even enjoy it since i was so freaked out!

called the club. told them i might be late. "uhhh whatever. just get here when you can." alrighty- guess they didn't care. well I CARED dammit. chantilly only shows up fashionably late, not last call late.

thankfully, i did get there in time. radio bean reminds me a lot of brooklyn. both in decor and attitude. it's the kind of place where the creatives in town come to see and be seen. but it's also where people really do like art and listening to new music. so i felt right at home.

the next day, i drove onto a ferry to get from vermont to new york. crazy. it was the quickest way to go from state to state. immediately after the ferry, i almost ran out of gas, got lost, and was this close to being late to the next gig at cyber cafe west. oh and, i did all this while driving through a torrential rainstorm with the power of the depths of hell. i'm full of win sometimes. here is my rented car.

views from the ferry

i met some really great people at langdon street cafe a few days later, with fellow songster friend jenn friedman. but not before jenn and i discovered the joys of being turned away from our car rental reservation for having a debit card, instead of a credit card. it cost us in blood, sweat, and tears, but after spending some time trying to track down a company who would take a debit card, we got there... and it was well worth it!

rest area in central vt

montpelier is the kind of sleepy new england town you've always dreamed about. you can see the mountains right from main st. the town folk are kind and courteous. hence, i took a buttload of pictures.




someone from the audience took this picture of me with their camera phone, and texted it to my email as i was still playing! i can't wait to go back!
langdon street

to change the subject completely, the make music new york festival was fun this year. mainly because i got to play with gunfight!, a band i met when i set up the bushwick open studios music fest last year. not only is their music great, but they are super-nice guys, and they live right near me! check them out!

other random thoughts:

i made this little promotional banner, trying to win free ad space on a website. it's cute, but i can't figure out what else to use it for:

my songs are taking for-fucking-ever to get mixed. but i can't really complain, since it's a friend doing me a solid. and he's doing a really awesome job by delivering just what i asked for, while adding his own interesting bits. and i'm totally grateful to him, and everyone else who's donated their time to this record. i don't mean to be a nit-picker. but still, it feels like i'm pregnant with a baby that's about 10 months overdue.

and i'm on a break this month, i think. i love traveling. i love meeting cool new people. i love birthing new creative things like songs and recordings. i love an audience that is willing to listen to my self-deprecating banter, chirps, vocal swoops and swirlies, giggles, and attempts at guitar playing.

but there are things that i don't love so much, sometimes. top-secret info from the man behind the curtain- independent musicians in the internet age need to do all jobs for themselves: booking agent, tour manager, press/ pr, graphic designer, researcher, administrative support, and more. while also being a creative force to be reckoned with, excellent performer, and all-around great gal/ guy. and paying the rent every once in awhile is kinda important, too. being everything takes a toll. i'll leave it at that.

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  1. dude that rest-stop was the highlight of my year. thanks for posting these pictures and linking to my blog. a tad stressful, but overall super-fun travels. :)


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