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i am so smart. i am so smart. s - m - r - t

i was getting off a bus yesterday. a bus ride that was supposed to take 3.5 hours, and took 7. a bus ride in which the bus driver almost rode head-on into traffic, got lost multiple times, kept going through the "cash" lane for tolls instead of the e-z pass lane, and got stopped by the cops- having to give his license and registration to be checked out. we were also in queens at one point, which is mighty interesting, since greyhound bus routes don't go through queens. ever. at the end of the ride, he was giving his sincere apologies to me, the last person off the bus. i got distracted and forgot to adjust my grip on the case. i stepped off the bus and the case slipped like butter from my hands to the pavement. this was the resulting travesty.

damage part 1

damage part 2

damage part 3

more on that later. i'm rushing it to the guitar hospital today.

and i had planned to post an update on chicago this week. maybe i still will.


  1. maybe the planets are aligning in such a way that is causing us to damage our instruments...but i feel your pain, sister.


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