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getting to the end of the line

i've been listening in-depth to mixes for the past hour. my lovely bff chris g. has finally come through with his end, and danielle gave me another copy of hers last week- since true to form, i lost them months ago. it's a lot of comparing, and deciding which style fits which song. in the end, i'm so glad i waited, and have something to choose from. i have no idea if i'll ever be able to make an album again... why not do it right and have TWO people mix it?

i've pretty much decided that if i ever DO make another album, i'd like to do at least the vocal tracking by myself at home. there's something about a studio that just makes it hard to get in character/ bring out that intimate performance. there's a lot of moments where i cringe because i didn't sing a note quite right, or played a guitar part half-assedly. there's a lot that's not perfect about it. but there's also a lot that's fucking right about it, too.

it's often hard for me to listen to myself sing/ play guitar/ etc. but even so, i think the record has the potential to be fantastic. i just hope people will want to listen to it :/

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