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september tours, etc.

i have a great habit of posting about things that happened like, a month ago. well it's a melancholy day, and i've got some good caffeine in me, so no time like the present to make a new entry...

i played SHOWS, guys. i took some rad pictures, and i like to make stories out of them. so here is one: tracy and i spent a few rambling days doing some cool things in upstage ny/ western pennsylvania recently. i met tracy when she was fresh off the boat (or, plane) from colorado a few months ago. in that time, she's quickly established herself in the ny songwriter community, and has even hooked up tour dates with the trachtenburg slideshow players. i was psyched when she agreed to share some dates that i set up too!

on the way to clinton, ny:
writing on albums

this is the last batch of hand made demo thingies that i'm putting some finishing touches on in the car. in case you didn't know, i cut cereal boxes, stapled the pieces together, and drew on each and every one with colored sharpies. it took a really fucking long time to do all that. i'm really psyched to not have to write on cardboard anymore every time i play a show.

i made like, 200 of them altogether. i can proudly say i'm almost "sold out" by now, although a lot of it was due to playing lots of shows outside of nyc this year. i hope to be able to continue to do so once the real album comes out, and hopefully it will have an even better reception! (mastering is finally scheduled, more on that at a later date.) also note: a lot of these same demo songs will be on the "real" album, but they will be bigger, better, badder versions :)

this is the crazy-ass place we played at in clinton. it was pure love. we just played all day because we got there in the afternoon, and people were trickling in and out the whole time.

..i pretty much hate all photos of me performing, but this one is kind of okay... showing off the colorful surroundings, complimented by our colorful outfits.

tracy is hilarity + sex on a stick. go listen to her "bartender song" on myspace. you won't be sorry.

checkin the internetz.

also performing that night was my dear friend from new york jenn friedman, who had been on tour for the past three weeks. she was joined by another brooklynite athena reich, and her act was a screaming riot. go to her cd release @ sidewalk on october 10!

most of athena's pictures came out really funny, because she makes so many facial gestures as she performs and talks to the audience. this one is cute.


woke up to the sound of trees rustling against each other outside the window of our overnight host's house.

and we were all treated to a breakfast feast. actually, we didn't pay for food the whole trip... someone was always offering us meals!


... on the road again. we stopped at an amazing farmer's market on the way to jamestown, ny to get some fresh fruits and veggies. probably the only time we DID pay for food, and i only spent about $2 :) in the next picture down, you'll find tracy teaching me the sweet, sweet joys of eating sweet, sweet corn in the raw.


okay. it gets a little boring here. because i forgot to keep taking pictures for the next couple days :-/ so the story ends, sorta?

in short: people in jamestown are totally cool, and you can buy a fucking house there for $40,000. also, there's a lot of crazy auctions where you can buy musical instruments and other riff-raff items for stupid cheap. frank and jeff are especially awesome.

meadville, pa is not exactly a cultural mecca, but people will come out to see you when prompted. unfortunately, we were an hour late for our gig due to car trouble, so we missed a lot of the crowd :( i'm a disorganized hot mess most of the time, so left my guitar tuner here. but supposedly the owner of the cafe we played at will be sending it back to me in a few days.

i do have a few photos of the last show at eclectic etceteras:


yep, it was pretty empty. so we played outside to attract a crowd. but unfortunately there was a home football game that day, so the whole town was there. miraculously though, during the last moments of my set, an amazing couple showed up and bought SIX of my tote bags, cds, and got a bunch of tracy's stuff too!

i was really in love with this brown slip and should've just gotten it. i've been thinking about it ever since...

so that be my tour diary. in conclusion, i'll just leave you with a picture of this:


for sale pretty soon!

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