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introduction... what's happening around here the next few weeks

i've impulsively decided to embark on something...

cyber pr's blogging contest

for those not wanting to click the link, what happens is this: first, one buys ariel hyatt's new book. it is basically a road map for independent musicians- how to set themselves up online, build a mailing list, create a "brand," etc. and you blog each week about each chapter you read. relaying your struggles, what works, what doesn't, and how it's helping you along the way as an artist. at the end, a winner is picked, and that person receives a free pr campaign :)

i skimmed through it already... some of the material, i feel like i'm already familiar with, as i'm a regular reader of music think tank and other music business blogs. but it definitely seems like there are some new tricks i can learn, plus it will force me to apply myself a bit harder.

so even though i don't write here that often, i'm just throwing it out there... this blog is going to switch gears for at least nine weeks. it's about to get business-y up in h-eah.

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