November 29, 2010

head adornments

i got this sweet headband-thingy the other day when i was on vacation in ri. it seems to be a knockoff of a very similar one i'd been eying at anthropologie:


but the one i have on was actually acquired at... wal-mart. o the shame.

but i don't care that it's made of cheap acrylic material. and i don't care that it's probably going to pill up and fluffle away at any second. and i don't care that it's too tight and kind of smashes my bangs against my forehead, so that they get greasier even faster than usual.

i just care that i'm SO FUCKING COOL when i wear it. evidence:


yeah, that's me being cool right there. just in case you missed it. wanna see it again? uh huh, i thought so.


$8 well spent.

anywayyy, i set up a formspring which is probably a big mistake. alas, no one has asked me any questions yet, because no one knows about it. so if you've ever wanted to tell me/ ask me something that you've been too chicken to say to my face, now is the time to seize the moment. here, be the first one.

nothing too below the belt, though. this is all in good fun.


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