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a few life snapshots

what is it about tiny little lights that makes people (namely me) happy?



twinkly glowies! cozytime! the sudden temperature drop and darker daylight savings schedule are making it hard enough for me to drag myself away from the apartment and out into the cold, dark night... i can't even imagine if i'd had any gigs lined up this week! now that we have a few strings of lights adding their merry ambiance, i feel like i'll never want to leave againnn.

don't get me wrong, i love busting loose, sitting on buses for hours, exploring new places and people. i love being OUT there, and there's something about traveling that suspends time and puts life into perspective. it's a great passion of mine. but sometimes it's nice to just stay home and be cuddlesome :)

but all we need is like, two or three more strings of lights to make it a REAL snuggle cove in here. i can just figure out a way to make money through "online surveys" and order from fresh direct forever, that's all.

also i was feeling festive yesterday, so i indulged in some hot chocolate with fresh whipped cream made in the magic bullet! you just need some heavy whipping cream, and a pinch each of salt and sugar. so much better than 'reddi whip' or whatever.

stomach ache waiting to happen...

hot chocolate

fucking worth it.

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