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hipness... part 3

outfit time...

trying to "find the light" in this picture.


anthropologie tea for two cardigan
shirt- old navy
belt- thrifted
anthropologie homestead denim skirt
tights- anthropologie
shoes- urban outfitters
necklace- closeout store

if you've seen some of my other outfit photos, you'll probably notice a few things about the way i like to dress- like that i incorporate at least one bright color in my outfit, if not two or three! and that i enjoy little pants, little skirts, little shirts, and little sweaters. i favor garments that define my waist. i'll tell you, i had a muumuu phase after college that was just terrible...

thankfully after years of misteps, i'm able to keep my eye out for things that are more figure-flattering. cuz figure-flattering is my new steeez.

even though my main concern lately keeping warm, since it's all of a sudden freezing here in nyc! i am not a morning person. and when i wake up, i am a very tired not-morning person. so in the 15 groggy minutes i usually end up with to get dressed, mostly i've been going for the warmest thing that happens to catch my eye, and not caring how it looks.

but i'm happy with my outfit today :) and that sweater happens to be very cozy.


sigh. soo i was supposed to have a band rehearsal today with owen (bass!) and jessie (drums!), but everyone canceled on me. guess it's just as well. i'm feeling the inklings of sickness coming on, and am hoping to stave it off with rest and kombucha tea.

i may go to a coffee shop that's semi-nearby and try to get some work done. but the cold! and the darkness at 5pm! it's such a buzzkill. maybe i'll go see my music buddy tamar play at alphabet lounge tonight. maybe i'll stay home and bake some crescent rolls, since we had a leftover can from thanksgiving.

decisions, decisions.


  1. Ooh, I just love those t-straps and your skirt. Sorry your band canceled on you- I know from experience that's frustrating!

  2. thanks! wait, are you a musician, too? i just know you as this highly fashionable girl i stumbled upon :)


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