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hipness... part 4


i usually like to show different poses/ background shots, but i'm deviating because it's funny that i'm all trying to be tough-looking, and there's a cat in the background.

Chantilly parted petals

anthropologie parted petals cardi via ebay
tank top- h&m
interlock pencil skirt- american apparel
tights- anthropologie/ hue
boots- frye engineer

in the outtakes of these, there are many pictures of me looking sheepish. my roommates kept walking through the common areas as i was taking them. i felt so narcissistic, and i prefer to do these things when i'm by myself... i even prefer to practice music when no one's around. but hey. this is nyc living. i should be used to it by now.

anyway, i haven't worn this skirt in awhile, so i decided to pull it out of hiding. even though the quality isn't what i would like it to be, it's still pretty okay. the truth is i never realized how short it was until i saw these pictures! dizzamn. but i like it...

rae inspired me to break out these boots for this outfit. i wanted to wear my little oxford booties like i do every single day, but changing it up with the fryes is nice too. it toughens up the look, which i like. dressing uber-feminine makes me feel good, but sometimes a little contrast is just what you need to spice things up!



  1. i love that cardigan!! so cute. i love wearing my frye boots with super girly outfits, its such a perfect mix.

  2. thanks, i'm so proud of that cardi, it was a total steal! and yes, i'm finding that those fryes go with everything.

  3. I love your cardigan. Bargains are always awesome. =]


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