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hipness... part 5



anthropologie belladonna top
anthropologie homestead denim skirt
belt- thrifted
tights- hue
shoes- frye lisa t-straps via ebay

i have to say, am loving this skirt. i'm wearing it so much lately, and i'm trying and failing not to wear it every single time i take an outfit photo. it's just a simple, denim a-line skirt, but you have no idea how hard that is to find. i feel like all i see is pencil skirts lately. so comfy + looks good = i wish i owned ten skirts just like this in various colors.

ALSO. you totally can't see how sparkly this sweater/ shirt is, but it is so. the shameful truth is, there's this sparkly-girly-bejeweld-clothing-loving-child inside of me, and i always have to tell her no! my practical adult eye knows it's tacky. but i let my inner 5-year-old run wild when i picked this up. because i figured it's the holidays.

coming up!! huuuge music update. stay tuned!


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