December 11, 2010

musical crush: sufjan stevens

sigh, dreamy...

this morning the apartment is empty. i am snuggled up in bed with a bag of kettle chips and my headphones are on, playing sufjan stevens' seven swans. there is nothing better.

earlier in the week one of the songs from this album -the dress looks nice on you- somehow got stuck in my head. it became an obsession, and the only thing that would satisfy it was compulsive multiple listens. so i listened. i'm not entirely sure what it is- the repetitive, pleasurable picked guitar notes, or the little angel voice that sings the most lovely lyrics ever.

i can see a lot of life in you
i can see a lot of bright in you
and i think the dress looks nice on you
i can see a lot of life in you

re: lyrics- i like the idea of people being able to see each other's spirits. because feel like i can sometimes, with certain folks. it's a beautiful and powerful thing. it's nice to know someone else out there thinks about and experiences this as well, and decided to write a song about it.

but anyway, the album is a gem.

i also had a peripheral listen to his newest work, age of adz, last week or so. it was... tough to swallow. but at the same time, bursting with wonderful ideas, and i admire his balls for trying something like it. i think i'll put it on again today as i clean the apartment. give it a few more listens to sink in.

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