January 01, 2011

new years supersuprise

yesterday, i hopped a bus and hung out with saul, a lovely friend that i've sparsely kept in touch with since college. he's done some really amazing things since i first met him- like touring with ingrid michaelson as a keyboardist in her band, and working with scads of other successful and distinguished artists.

we've kinda been trying to work together forever, but all our attempts have been full of fail. so i've been hesitant to mention anything, because i don't want to jinx it.

but it looks as if this is actually going to happen this time...

sooo big announcement: planning of a new ep is under way!! yaaayyy!

:fireworks fireworks champagne bubbles silly string happy new year:

i'll also be setting up one of those nifty kickstarter things. cuuuz naturally there are some expenses associated with all this crazy music stuff, and i can't do it all on my own this time. i'm going to make it a cool little adventure for everyone to be a part of, with lots of updates from the studio and all that! perhaps interviews with the players, producer, and anyone involved. you'll see, i've got some tricks up my sleeve :)

anyway, i'll let you all know when that's all set up, and make a formal announcement to my mailing list/ facebook/ etc. later on in the week... so definitely sign up for the mailing list if you haven't already, to know how you can participate!

and here's a big thank you to all the readers of this blog/ my site... i see i have some regulars. i know my posting style is a bit a.d.d. at times, and i have so many interests that i can't really pick one topic and stick with it. this was originally set up to be a promotional/ only-music type of blog for shows and whatnot... but why should i limit myself if i have other things to say?

i am creatively diverse, and embrace that. this is where i'm at right now. maybe it will change in the future. either way, i appreciate you coming along for the ride :)


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