December 03, 2010


went to the cakeshop tonight with a pal for some wine...

they have record covers of "classic" artists and "classic" albums lining the walls of the coffee shop portion of the venue. every time i'm there i notice them. they're mostly all groups of men looking cool, tough, slovenly, psycho, fierce... basically looking all-around rock 'n roll.

there's only a smattering of covers that feature women, and they ALL are sexxssy, pouting, skimpy-clothed photos designed for the male gaze. the women on the covers are quickly relegated to jerkoff fantasies, and don't even get a chance to be the cool crazy rock n' roll bitch.

obviously, i'm not saying all album art is like this. it's not. i'd just think a place like the cakeshop would be a little more forward-thinking, you know? why choose those covers. where pat benetar at? where liz phair at? it's kinda creepy. and no one notices it but me.

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