January 25, 2011

food pron

nom noms

i made this excellent blueberry crumbcake thing yesterday. usually, i make this recipe as muffins... but as i was mixing the ingredients, i noticed the muffin pan was gone. natalie must've stolen it away to her boyfriend's house, as she is fond of making cupcakes.

actually, i was initially disappointed in it... all we had was old, hard brown sugar instead of white sugar for the mix. but i got over it. and now i feel like it tastes even better second-day.


nom noms

cozy nite

aaaand i did.
(socks by sock dreams, grandma blanket thrifted for $2!!)

that is six feet under on the tv screen, by the way. i'm at the beginning of season 4, and nate is at the height of asshattery (but i would still SO say yes if he asked me to the prom.)

i'm feeling a little lonely, so let's have some nate love for a second.

ahhh, that's better. brenda who?

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