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hair, shoes, makeup, GAWJUSS


i wanted to get a good update happening this weekend, but i've been a little overwhelmed with tasks and engagements.

no fotos from saul's studio this week :( although i will say that we are really making progress, and i'm so excited about the way things are going, i think i might cry. i wish i could let everyone hear what we've been working on!! but i can't. not yet.

so instead, i'll just talk about totally random girlie things...

like how i got a snazzy haircut the other day!


all of my curly-haired life, finding someone who will understand my hair needs has been near impossible. i just want something that keeps the length where it is (because i'm trying to grow it out), with layers, LOTS of layers, but not too mullet-y. you know?! something kind of indie-rockstarish, but taking into consideration the curl so that it doesn't get too poofy NOW THAT'S NOT SO HARD IS IT, HUH???!

well, i finally went to a stylist that understood, and it's like finding the fucking holy grail. (amirite ladies, or amirite?) to the untrained eye, my hair in this picture probably looks the same as before... but ohhhh it's not. he FINALLY cut the layers the way i wanted. and also introduced me to this product that i can't believe i ever lived without. and i NEVER fall into the product-buying trap. totes psyched.

and hey can we talk about lipstick for a second?? as demonstrated better in this picture:


it's by lipstick queen, the color is rose sinner. i love all lipsticks by them, and this one has become my signature color. that is all.

i had brunch with my friend suzanne today... i'll be playing at her wedding in april, and here she is, going over the song she wants me to sing!


then after our meeting, i went and bought a completely impractical pair of shoes... the levade clogs by anthropologie. i can't remember the last time i attempted to walk around nyc in a pair of platforms (probably never.) guess there's a first for everything!

lastly, i did try to take an outfit photo this weekend, but it turned out pretty lame... it was back to the point-and-shoot, and i had about 2 seconds before i had to be out the door heading to the studio. it's not that the outfit is lame. i liked the outfit! i just didn't get a good shot of it.


anthropologie air imbued scarf
cashmere sweater - thrifted
deletta top via ebay
anthropologie pom & trinkets necklace
skirt- heritage 1981
tights- hue
oxford booties - thrifted
cat- born in my yard, adopted by me

that's it. apologies for the x-treeme girliness of this entry, but sometimes you've just got to let it all out.

back to my milkshake and six feet under.


  1. Yay! I'm on your blog!

  2. levade clogs, is that you?

    either that or you're suzanne :P


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