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hipness... part 6




anthropologie tiny windows dress
anthropologie belt
cardigan - thrifted
tights - hue
oxford booties - thrifted

yikes, i thought i had adjusted the color of these photos, but the pink still seems so blindingly bright. sorry! i'm too lazy to go back and adjust it all over again so... yeah ::)

my bff/ ex/ roommate matt just got a fantabulous new camera, and this is my first day playing around with it. you might notice that the images are a little more crisp than usual. that is because this camera is THE SHIT and i'm so jealous.

he was taking pictures of me, but at the same time trying to do it on a timer. we could not get the timer right... it would do nothing for 30 seconds, then just continuously snap 10 pictures in a row. we finally got it together and took these, which i think are pretty good aside from the crazy brightness.

just when i was getting the point-and-shoot thing down, i've got something new to learn!

also, we were supposed to write a script and make a video today for my kickstarter campaign that i'm planning to launch pretty soon. (because hey, did you know that i'm making a new ep?? i so am.) but the day kind of just dwindled on, and i took outfit photos instead. and now it's time to do the weekly household chores. snore. too much to do, not enough time.

i don't think i was in the mood, anyway. been feeling a little poopy lately. have had several little heartbreaks in the past week or so, and combined they have been crushing my soul a bit. but i'd rather talk about the awesome things...

like how happy i am to have a new musical project keeping me busy! even though saul totally does all the work. i just sit there, and he makes all the magic happen. it feels like i'm cheating when i say it's "my record."

did i already mention this ep is going to be like, spectacularly awesome? cuz yeah. it is :P


  1. your blogg'n = awesome
    why? cuz you post pictures for us folk who can't read realistically. :P

    Keep 'em coming!

    P.S. your outfit is Perty and snazzy!

  2. i know, i've been blogging a storm lately!

    i like to post pictures because i know when i read blogs, pretty images catch my eye first. a lot more than a big block of text. which are bad.

    which is also why i like to

    break up my writing into

    lots of




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