hipness... part 7 | Chantilly

hipness... part 7

sunday dinner!

killing a potato

nbd, just a little potato murder...

killing a potato
photos by matt panton

natalie's cooking a birthday din-din for matt as we speak. now everyone sing him happy birthday...


awww, he really appreciates it.

okey doke, time for an outfit photo. yes, an outfit that i'll apparently never get to wear outside of the house because of the INFINITE FUCKING SNOW. i'm referring to the shoes, mostly. i'm dying to wear them to something other than a dinner party consisting of me and my roommates...



falling asleep...
chan outfit

dress- hand-me-down from grandmother
dog tags- swiped from work
tights- hue
anthropologie levade clogs (similar here)

also, here's a pic of me & nat nat... shown mainly for her benefit (i look silly), because she looks so effing gorgeous. because she IS effing gorgeous.

me & natalie

i'm feeling a little under the weather, so that'll be all for now.

studio update this week! stay tuned!!


  1. Those shoes DESERVE a streetside debut. Hope the weather gives in soon!
    I love that hand-me-down dress too. Great prints.

    Leaving the House in THIS?!?!

  2. omg, right? unfortunately, it looks like more snow this week though.

    thanks! i looked through your blog... you're adorable. :friended:


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