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inbox tidbits

maybe this will be a new section in the blog? who knows. i've gotten some messages recently that are just gold. they are too good to keep to myself, so ladies and gentlemen, presenting the first installment of inbox tidbits...

"I got my first speeding ticket to "springtime travels"!"
- Paige, Pittsburgh, PA

this quote is definitely going in my press kit (not kidding.) i love it. she seemed so enthusiastic about it, but at the same time i was sad to hear about the ticket. tickets suck. no more speeding, paige! and buckle that seatbelt!! darn kids...

"Yesterday I totally saw a "Peanut Butter Snickers" and got it (because of your blog entry.) Aowww my gahd.. Soooooo damn good!"
- Zach, Brooklyn, NY

haha... YES zach you are the third person that i've turned on to this candy so far. we'll all be in the hospital getting our insulin shots together someday. but it will have been totally worth it.

"Here's that Katy Perry song...

If you cover it, you'll be replacing her voice and making it yours... so... ::puppy eyes:: will you, maybe? OK you don't have to, but I like it's hypnotic, deep/dark, sexual lyrics/sound."

- Coley, Cold Spring, NY

this letter might not count, cuz coley's kind of been a bff/ superfan since we were roommates in college, and even did the album art for caught light. she's asking nicely (with puppy dog eyes) if i would cover a katy perry song and post it on youtube for her. i'm still debating it, even though i really don't love katy perry's music. definite maybe!

so that's it! if you ever have something you want to say... want me to post commentary, a picture, some of your art, an outfit, or critique your music, shoot me an email at chantillysongs (at) gmail (dot) com titled "inbox tidbits." this could be a fun way for us all to connect!
(ps, if you ever want me to take DOWN something i've posted about you, i totally will. just ask :)

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