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o hai


well hello there. i couldn't fit in an outfit photo into the schedule this weekend :( booooooo. the hours were just slipping away from me, so instead i decided to post this blurry picture of myself... along with some other stuff i did!

yaayyy ok 123 GO-

i was psyched to be able to get away for a few hours on saturday and go have a nice cup of coffee at little skips. there was a fire made out of paper there that i thought mighty cozy.

americano & paper fire

studio schtuff...

this little organ thing produced the ugliest sounds that we thought were going to be really cool. unfortunately, it won't be making the cut and we're on the hunt for a harmonium (got one we can borrow?)

organ, windex, producer

windex, organ, and producer
organ thingy

god shane, will you stop being so cool? he is one of the most fabulous people i know, and is also a violin GENIUS!!


you may also remember shane's tight skillz from my last album. psyched to have him aboard again! additionally, he's an amazing drag/ performance artist. trust me, it's a must see.

shane & saul

fun dinner party at our place that i was too busy being drunk to get pictures of. (that's roast chicken & home made mac & cheese w/ soy chorizo!)


and folks, i saved the best for last.

hide your kids, hide your wife- beware of........




scout RAWWRR

aaaand i'm spent. hope you all had a good weekend. time for me to go pass out.


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