January 15, 2011

zodiac shift

i got this about a month ago... it's the zodiac heirloom pendant from (where else) anthropologie, and obviously you're supposed to get the one that corresponds with your sun sign. i got it when my sign was still gemini (my "new" sign is taurus, blech.)

but now with the whole zodiac shift thing it's like... wtf, necklace? where am i supposed to wear you now? i'll clearly be a fraud, wherever i go.

but i don't care. i'm still going to believe i'm a gemini, mofo's. and i'm going to wear my necklace because it's beautiful. and it doesn't matter if i'm a libra, or a capricorn, or even if i'm a fucking scorpio. suck on that, astronomers!

there's differing camps within the astrology world. i suppose i'm with the camp that wants things to stay the way they were (not just because of the necklace, that would be silly). but doesn't that make me sound kinda conservative? ick.

anywho, i'm just being dramatic. it's not that important in the grand scheme. i think astrology is fun, and it's been somewhat accurate in my life. but i guess like those psychic hotlines, it's really meant for "entertainment purposes only."

natalie's take: "it's as if my parents were one day like 'ha! we were just kidding about that whole jewish thing.'" hhmm, sorta...

ps, her sign got to stay the same. hmmph.


  1. the zodiac actually hasn't changed at all. some astronomer decided to make some offhand comments about star progression, a known phenomenon since the beginning of astrology.

  2. they were saying that there's a 'new' constellation/ star sign? i dunno. i'm totally ignorant of the whole thing because i don't understand astronomy...

    bleeeehhh, but it's all wrong i'm a gemini, the end.


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