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hipness... part 10

jolly and green...



cashmere sweater- thrifted
pants- uniqlo
belt- thrifted
brooch- room service vintage, austin, tx
anthropologie levade clogs (similar here)

i post pictures of myself in dresses and skirts most of the time... but on any given day, i'm probably wearing something that's more like this. it might be boring, but i'm usually too tired/ lazy/ distracted in the mornings to go all-out with ideas for a cool/ beautiful outfit.

even so, this simple ensemble incorporates many of my requirements for an ideal look: it's figure flattering, has bright colors, and there's a quirky/ vintage twist.

first of all, these are my favoritest pants in the world. i keep buying new pairs of jeans and pants, but keep continuing to put this pair on. they're stretch/ leggings from uniqlo. i have two other pairs in different colors, but this colorway is the winner in my book, and my ass continues to give thanks for doing it so many nice favors. i'm just terrified of when they start to wear out :(

secondly, i just picked this sweater up yesterday at the bedford salvation army. a $6 mint condition cashmere sweater in my favorite color??! couldn't say no. i eyed it warily when i saw it on the hanger... it looked way too basic for me, and i usually favor cardigans. but once i tried it on, i loved the way it hugged my curves. almost a mad men-era silhouette. i'm going to love it to death and wear it till it dies.

i thought a necklace would be too much with the belt AND the brooch (which you can't really see in most of the pics), but looking at the photos again, it's something i would've liked to add. ah well.


more stuff: lovely brunch today with matt...

matt at brunch

hahaha we've all been there...

cupid & bunny luv

and then we came home and had ANOTHER hearty meal. it's turned into a little bit of a tradition for my roommates and i to do sunday dinners. sometimes with friends, sometimes just the three of us.  tonight natalie made a creamy-cheese pasta with chicken, spinach, and prosciutto.

sunday dinner

it's now 2am. oops. super late. but this has pretty much been the laziest weekend evar, and i could barely even think of a topic to write about. thankfully when you're just showing off outfits, the posts practically write themselves.

hope everyone's having a relaxing long weekend :)


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