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hipness... part 8


this was taken at the exact moment one of my jerk cats knocked my ukulele off of a high bookshelf. (don't worry the uke survived.)

anthropologie sugar and cream dress
cardigan- thrifted
tights- hue
socks- uniqlo men's
combat boots- urban jungle, brooklyn, ny
anthropologie feeling dapper necklace

there is something about taking a beautiful girly-shmirly dress and roughing it up with a pair of combat boots that is REALLY satisfying. i actually forgot these boots existed in my closet, and need to start wearing them a lot more. my fryes are great because they keep my feet dry and warm despite the crazy weather we've been having... but they slip all over snow :( these combat boots have a little more grip. plus they're just badass.

well in other news, i had brunch the other day by myselves-ies.

soup of the day

yaaaay. brunch by yourself is fun. but i did get heckled by a lady who saw me taking a picture of my coffee. she asked if i was a food critic, and i said no- it's just documentation for my blog. "OH so it's a blog ALL ABOUT YOU??!! it's ALLLL about you, huh??" uh, yeah. sorta. she was actually very friendly, and we had a nice conversation. but i'll always be wary from now on every time i take pictures of coffee...

brunch @ life

well this has been just delightful, but if you'll excuse me, i just totally failed at roasting a chicken. i need to go take care of some cooking mess.



  1. I can't help thinking, "what a nice cup of tea" when I see you in that outfit. :) And yes, be weary of taking photos, though usually it's when you take shots of people that you'll get disagreements. I'm learning to get past that and just take a photo of what I want... including my grandmother in a casket. :P Maybe you should mention that next time someone questions photographing coffee, "I knew a girl who took candid photos of her grandmother's corpse." LoL. Then again... that might not be weird to everyone.

  2. ha! i've been watching a sh!t-ton of six feet under, and your story so reminds me of clair. she takes pictures of the dead people for art purposes sometimes.

    but yeah, as far as comebacks, you can't really follow "i knew a girl who took candid photos of her grandmother's corpse" with anything but uncomfortable silences. so i'm sure it would go great in my shut-the-hell-up toolkit.


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