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hipness... part 9

outfit day yet again!




shirt- ebay
anthropologie tweed magnificent sash
anthropologie field skirt
socks- o basics by sock dreams
anthropologie levade clogs (similar here)
cameo- aqcuired from work

i decided that i'm officially sick of tights. they look really cute and all, but they're just too uncomfortable for me lately. last winter, i wore leggings with all my skirts and dresses for comfort reasons, but i just can't go there anymore.

my new solution is knee socks! :) i have about ten pairs that i wear around the house mainly for bedtimey. so why not just pair them with my longer skirts? of course, i haven't ventured out of my house today in these, but i would. dare me? i totally will.


here is a picture of my feet. it's a picture that was actually taken by mistake, when i meant to to get a picture of something else. but it reminded me... i really really hate wearing two different socks. i try to avoid it if possible. just one of those irrational little pet-peeves. what are yours?

ugh, i had so much more to talk about, but we're right in the middle of a dinner party, so i'm really distracted. sorry if you can tell. i'll have to save some of my stories for the week!


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