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inbox tidbits...

the other day, this picture landed in my inbox. it's from two summers ago, when i was screen printing my tote bags at abc no rio. one of the girls i hung out with that day took this. i only met her that once, and we've correponded just a few times since then, but she took the time to send it along to me. isn't that a nice gesture?

ahh, life.

last summer, abc no rio
by maryann e. auguste

i also distinctly remember this dress because i don't have it anymore. because i lost it when i went out and played those dates with lady blanche. i miss being able to travel so freely.


to change the subject completely, i'm in a bit of a sentimental mood. because i just finished the entire series of six feet under for the first time last night. i made the mistake of watching the series finale at 1'oclock in the morning. so of course i barely slept and cried all night long, and am now even more all like OMG WHAT DOES IT ALL MEEEAAAANNN than usual.

seriously though. i examine myself and my life daily, but don't usually share it here, attempting to keep the mood light. the show lit a spark in my brain, and now i feel compelled to share what's on my mind this morning. prepare for some deep thoughts:

~do the things you love if you can
~surround yourself with people you care about, even if they have flaws
~try to be happy, but realize pain is normal
~what's happened to us, or what will happen doesn't matter. what matters is honoring ourselves and others despite circumstances.
~all experiences we have are just chances to grow, be they positive or negative.
~this is our one and only life. it's all we have and it won't last. you can strive to be great, or be a total f*ck-up, but just TRY. it's a gift, and whatever you choose to do with it can't be wrong.

+++ add your own in the comments, if so moved.

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