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it's the little things

do you ever have a moment where some absurdly stupid, random circumstance is the funniest thing you've ever seen? this happens to me ALL the time, but the other day i had a real doozy...

i meant to text my roommate a specific question, but couldn't get past the phrase "hey~". no matter what i did, my phone kept inserting a smiley. and not even a regular text smiley- it was one of those bulky icons that make me feel like i'm on a chat forum from 1998. a winking one, no less. i kept fiddling until finally, i accidentally sent the message...

it was a simple every-day mistake, but i just kept imagining natalie- a person i see almost every day- finding herself the recipient of this creepy random winking-smiley, accompanied by the single phrase "hey~" was like full-on, pee-my-pants, tears-streaming-down-my-cheeks hysteria for a good ten minutes. (note- i did not actually pee my pants.) i haven't had a knee-slapper like that in awhile. i need to start sending more people messages on accident...


yes, i realize i'm a freakazoid just amusing herself all over again.....

other fun stuff- we sauteed some drumsticks the other day!! that was a hoot/ heartburn-y.

pots & pans

alternate ending: we tried to make some noise with them, and chronicle it in audio form. whichever one makes more sense. (which one DOES make more sense when you really think about it? hmmm...)

the elusive saul-creature


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