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snow that looks like street

blech, i say! this is what's happening all over the streets of new york, as referenced in this post. it's exactly what it looks like. slush that looks like street. and i'm sure it claimed many a shoe and pantleg the day i took this picture. ew.

BUT. i have some picture-presents from the studio for you...

preamp & cables

setting up mics

jessie, tracking some drums

shock mount COMING APART omg

shock mount

then, i went to a party and there was a hookah!



this picture of zach was hella dark, so i upped the exposure, saturation, and a bunch of other stuff. now it just looks like he's glowing from behind because he's either a) radioactive, or b) from another planet.

zach in 3-d

there's other stuff too, but i guess i'll stop here, since i'm going out to see my friend tamar play at googie's in a bit.

i'll sign off with this outtake of last week's outfit photo set. that cat that's desperately trying to get away from me? that's thelonious.


happy saturday!

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