February 01, 2011

musical crush: kanye west and rihanna

i'm sorry in advance if multiple youtube videos are making the page hard to load. but i REALLY like these songs and want to talk about them!

... however, i DON'T apologize in advance if you think i suck for liking kanye. the man may be a super-douche, but the man knows how to make super music.

all of the lights:

i originally heard this song when my beautiful dark twisted fantasy (what a horrid album name) first came out a few months ago. i've been hearing this particular track a lot lately, and i can't really say how. maybe it's the bumpin' sound systems of the guys that drive up and down my street. maybe they're spinning it more in food bazaar and walgreens. i feel like i'm hearing it everywhere.

anyway, i'll first say that i think the song runs a little long. mainly because, imo, there's a totally unnecessary part in the middle featuring fergie. but the SUPER SOLID HOOK totes makes up for it. rhianna's here to save the day. yay!

i can't get this hook out of my head. actually, i wish this hook were the entire song- forget about kanye. but if it were so, i suppose its specialness would be diminished. and that would be sad.

and i had no idea that this song featured elton john. that's cool too, i guess!

makes me wonder though... if this is an official single why no official video?

to come back to rhianna for a second, i've always been a stauch umbrella naysayer. never liked it, still don't.

however, i have a terrible weakness for inappropriately raunchy songs. so when i heard rude boy last summer, i pretty much had a stobe-light-underwear dance party in my room all by myself. this song is totally old news, but talking about all of the lights reminded me how much i liked her. favorite part: the high/ low synth octaves.

also, i have a cover planned out of this song, but i'm not brave enough to perform it anywhere.

check out the funkayy video! i love that she has no facial expressions whatsoever throughout the whole thing.

back to kanye- hell of a life:

again, a darkly sexual song that's kinda misogynistic. but between the sick beat, the choice to use a black sabbath melody, and whatever sample they used to follow the main hook, i'm sold.

no more talkie. just listen. sorry, the audio quality here seems to be poor, and again no official video. but i'm sick of looking through youtube videos, so here you go.


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