February 24, 2011

musical crush: radiohead


i'd first like to express how excited i am to to ACTUALLY be on-trend with the music i talk about. i feel like the other times i've mentioned the music that's been on my mind, it's never very current.

king of limbs. now because this is radiohead, and radiohead is weird, when i first heard this title, my mind immediately went grotesque. like a serial killer who sawed off people's arms and legs and kept them in a freezer maybe?? but no. it's meaning is just a reference to a big tree near where they did the recording.

although this album is short, i enjoy it enthusiastically! i actually like it better than :gasp: in rainbows! they're kind of revisiting that dancey kid a electronica, but for some reason it makes a bit more sense to me this time around.

a couple favorite tracks:

the opening track. this sounds really cliche, but here's a song that reminds my of the city (nyc that is.) it's like a chaotic whirlwind, which is exactly what living here feels like sometimes.

then just as the beat establishes itself, THE VOICE roars out of its cave. i admire the easy control thom has over his instrument... he slides all over the place, then trails off in a chasmic vibrato.

lotus flower

sex bomb.

addictive groove. sounds like it's about wanting things that are all kinds of sexy-wrong. i can sure get with that.

though it's weird to hear him sing the words "listen to your heart." it just seems so... like something a chick would write? sorry. however, "all i want is the moon upon a stick" seems more like it to me. does that not embody human entitlement to a tee?

give up the ghost

gorgeous with its ever-growing wall of thom voices. i love this song because it feels like a blissful letting go. after the previous crazy energy he's just like, "i'm done. enough of this bullsh!t." atta boy!

when i've had times of emotions heaped upon emotions, and you just can't F*CKING emote anymore... the moment after that feels something like this song. honest. unencumbered. floating in space.


  1. I love radiohead. Such a great band.


  2. I have been listening to King of Limbs nonstop. I absolutely love the album. It reminds me of a mix between Thom Yorke's solo project and Radiohead. (Although Kid A is my favorite album). xoxo

  3. actually, i thought that too! it did remind me of thom's solo record, but a little less self-indulgent (forgive me.) king of limbs seems a little more focused on the listener's pleasure than thom's. which i appreciate :)


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